Training several times a week is important to anyone’s training.  However, the real connections and answers are in Japan only.  We strive to maintain this connection through seminars and gatherings throughout the Midwest, both at our dojo and abroad.

Below are some past events we had in the dojo.

 Upcoming Events:

More to be announced soon!

2019 Events:

Genevieve is hosting the 12th Annual Midwest Taikai!

We are happy to have our resident instructor planning and hosting the 12th Annual Midwest Taikai.  The event is the first weekend in August in the Detroit area, check here for more info: MWTK 2019 Webpage.

Paul Masse November Seminar

Join us as we bring Paul Masse back to the midwest once more in November, 2019.  This time, Paul Masse will be hitting the Chicago area at the Bujinkan Roselle Dojo.  More info to come.


Past Events:

2018 Events:

Paul Masse in Michigan

In July, Paul Masse visited our dojo in conjunction with the Bujinkan Ganbaru Dojo to teach a weekend seminar.  We had over 30 individuals present, a great turn out with folks from Canada, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and more.  We appreciated the support, and had a wonderful time training with Paul!


2017 Events:

Summer of Budo

A workshop led by Pat Lee, Gabe Logan, and Charles Gelm.  These three shared their insights, methods, and blended their styles together.

Summer Fest

Jess Attilli – Workshop


Jess Attilli visited the dojo, sharing his thoughts on understanding and approaching the dojo, breaking a kata down, and group tactics.

Paul Masse Seminar – the Sequel


In January 2017, Paul Masse will kick off the new year in Dayton, OH.  Once again, co-hosted with the Blue Water Bujinkan Dojo and the Dayton Bujinkan Dojo.

2016 Events:

End of the Year/Michigan Kai/MI Kai/Gathering of the Wolverines


A variety of Michigan Bujinkan Instructors gathered for a one-day seminar on December 17th to celebrate a wonderful year of Budo.  The instructors included: Ryan Burnham, Jed Konopka, Joey Kraska, Sean O’Brien, Derek Arciniaga, Sean Askew, Michael Asuncion, and Gabe Logan.


Paul Masse Seminar23785_1267348608016_7827238_n

June 10-12


Paul taught a great seminar, bridging the gaps between Junan Taiso (Martial Yoga) and Taijutsu.  This was a great three-day event we held in Dayton, OH.  Paul will return in January!

Check out this event on facebook for more information!


Duncan Stewart Seminar

July 8-10



Check out this event on facebook for more information!

Duncan brought Koto Ryu to life in Dayton, OH.  He’s an old friend to the Midwest dojos and has brought a great deal of skill to our training.





9th Annual Midwest Taikai

August 5-7 in St. Charles, Illinois hosted by Rob Hartung.  A great event featuring Mike Greenwood as a special guest.  Next year, the 10th anniversary event will be in Dayton, OH.

Other Events: