History and Lineage


Around 1957, Soke Masaaki Hatsumi met and began training with Toshitsugu Takamatsu Sensei.  For 15 years, Hatsumi traveled to and trained under a man often known as the Last Ninja.  When Takamatsu Sensei passed away in 1972, Hatsumi inherited 9 Schools (Ryu-Ha) and eventually founded the Bujinkan organization, taking students from all over the world.  Early on, westerners entered that door and brought “ninpo” back to the States during a Ninja Craze.  It wasn’t until much later we would fully understand the depth of what Hatsumi Sensei was teaching.

In 2008, Sean and Genevieve began training under Gabe Logan while living in Marquette, MI.  They traveled to seminars with the Residents (foreigners living in Japan and training directly under Hatsumi Sensei) and eventually Japan itself.  They passed their Godan tests in 2015 in the same week.

The pair opened the Blue Water Bujinkan Dojo shortly thereafter.


gabe and pat
Gabe Logan and Pat Lee

The Dojo trains with several great instructors from throughout the Midwest (some are pictured above).  We have been co-hosting annual Paul Masse’s midwest seminars since 2016, with a new one coming in November.

We enjoy training with a number of other skilled midwest teachers, residents and former residents of Japan.  The connection to Japan is important and should be maintained whenever possible.  Being a part of the Blue Water Dojo involves the students in the broader Midwest Bujinkan Community and Midwest Tai Kai annual event.

Furthermore, all instructors at the Blue Water Dojo travel to Japan to train with Soke Masaaki Hatsumi and his top students, namely Hideo Seno Daishihan, Yukio Noguchi Daishihan, Toshiro Nagato Daishihan, and Paul Masse Daishihan.